The Benefits of an Air-Tight Home

In new home construction, you’ll often hear discussion about “the building envelope” or “an air-tight home”. Both are important and yes, you want your new home to be as air-tight as possible…provided it has a properly installed and balanced HRV (heat recovery ventilator).

All Guildcrest Homes come with an HRV, and the factory building process allows the tightest building envelope possible.

Think about it, reduced air leakage means less drafts, noise, odors, lost warm air in the winter (or cooler air in the summer) and a general increase in energy efficiency.

Independent blower door testing shows our homes are 8x more air-tight than a typical home site built to current building code.

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Sets and Knits Completed

The innovative process involves manufacturing sections of a building off-site in a temperature-controlled facility. Those modules are then transported to their final site, set on the foundation footprint by crane, and joined together to make one integrated building. Once the modules are assembled and the integration is complete, the structure is virtually indistinguishable from those built by traditional construction methods.

Reduced construction timelines

Manufacturing the modules off-site while foundational work occurs concurrently allows the construction timeframe to be reduced by up to 50 percent.

Cost and schedule certainty

Reducing, if not eliminating, the opportunities for untimely delays caused by weather, site damage, or lack of trade availability creates certainty of budget and project scheduling.


A high quality structure is assured by building indoors in an environment of strict, factory-style controls and away from elements that may degrade materials.


Waste is significantly reduced, from about 30 percent on a typical construction site to 2 to 3 percent in the manufacturing setting. The on-site footprint is also significantly reduced, with less noise, dust and traffic over a shorter period of time.